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Well pump

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It's important to choose the right well pump for your needs. Pumps are rated in GPM (gallons per minute). The pump size that's right for you will depend on factors such as whether or not you have a shallow or deep well. We can direct you to pumps ideal for:

Expert in Plumbing Harrisburg PA

We're a small, customer-oriented, Christian business staffed by experienced plumbers in Harrisburg PA committed to offering personalized service at honest, competitive prices. Rest assured that no job is too big or too small for the Beck Creek Plumbing team! We're pleased to offer the following plumbing services in Harrisburg PA:

  • New plumbing installations
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Pipe and fixture replacements
  • Troubleshooting to find sources of leaks or unexplained water bill spikes

Urgent Plumbing Services in Harrisburg PA

Don't stress when you're in need of Harrisburg plumbers to deal with unexpected plumbing emergencies. Whether it's late at night or on weekends when you need assistance, we have plumbers in Harrisburg PA prepared to arrive quickly to assess the situation, recommend an appropriate solution, and get everything working properly again. We provide 24-hour emergency service for customers experiencing:

  • Clogged drains or leaky pipes
  • Backed up toilets or drains
  • Worn valves or spickets
  • Constantly running toilets
  • Sump pump failures
  • Leaking water heaters
  • Low water pressure

For minor issues, plumbing repairs are usually all that's necessary. But if you having frequent problems involving the same drains, pipes, or fixtures, it may be more cost-effective to opt for replacement instead of repair. If you're not sure what's right for your situation, our knowledgeable Harrisburg plumbers will offer an honest, no-pressure opinion so you can decide what's best for you.

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We pride ourselves on being able to handle a wide range of plumbing-related tasks. This means you won't have to call one company for certain residential tasks and another one to tackle more challenging projects. We even do sewer work, offer water well services, and install cost-effective instant hot water heaters!

Seasoned Harrisburg plumbing contractors from Beck Creek Plumbing are at your service during flexible hours. Contact our Harrisburg plumbers today to request service or receive a free quote.